Since I started digital back in 2003 with the Canon D30 (yes I said that right, it was the other way around back then), I have yet to come across an extensive upgrade in terms of firmware until today. I am hoping that this is will become a new standard for Canon and even perhaps Nikon.

Here is a quick run down of the upgraded features:
1. Max burst rate to 130 JPG (previously 126)
2. Max burst rate to 25 RAW (previously 25)
3. GPS compatible
4. Manual audio adjustment level
5. Better Auto ISO control
6. In camera RAW/JPG processing
7. In camera Rating
8. Quick control during playback
9. Changing file names. Say bye bye to IMG_XXXX
10. Time zone settings
11. Scrolling of magnified images and speed

So get on it! The time is now!
Here is a direct link
Canon 7d Firmware 2.0 Software
Canon 7d Firmware Update Video

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