Today we decided to do a sound test with some of our popular mics in the shop and see how they perform in different scenarios.

Here are the 4 mics we used for the test:
Canon 5d Mark III in-camera mic
Rode Video Mic Pro
Zoom H4n 
Sennheiser G3 Lav Mic

We tested the mics in 3 different locations:
Outdoors next to a semi-busy intersection
Indoors in an echoey environment
Indoors in a noisy environment (local Mexican eatery)

Check out our video for our sample test but a summary is the Sennheiser did the best job canceling out ambient noises even in the nosiest indoor environments.

Let us know what you think of our test. What would you like to see done in future tests. What are some of your favorite mics.


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