When I arrived at the shop this morning, I felt like a little child all over again because this new LED light painting tool is so fun and awesome! I saw the videos and photos but to be able to try it in person got me so excited! Check out Pixelstick for more info and videos!

We quickly took the light out and assembled it and ran next door to Wanderwall Space to give it a test. Also we took an IEPR logo and tried to paint the logo. (Quick tip: Pixelstick uses BMP files which doesn’t work with transparencies so after careful consideration, realized that transparencies work with the color black.)

Quick photo with the product:



Then we tried the demo rainbow and stripe modes to light paint the following:

IEPR_PIXELSTICK_120514_3065webIEPR_PIXELSTICK_120514_3068web IEPR_PIXELSTICK_120514_3069webIEPR_PIXELSTICK_120514_3080webIEPR_PIXELSTICK_120514_3082webIEPR_PIXELSTICK_120514_3078web


The computer that controls everything was very easy to use and intuitive.


We will do a more extensive review on this at a later time… stay tuned!



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