Not a lot of cars make me freeze on the spot and make me hate myself more than the Acura NSX… why would I hate myself? Well mainly because I do not have one yet and the resale value on them are so ridiculous! So when John FOB Movement brought over his beautiful NSX to IE Photo Rental’s very humble 500 block, it definitely broke many necks…

I will not spend too much time on all the parts that he has and many only dream of having on their very own NSX’s, just note that he has spent a lot of time getting the very right parts for his baby and this car looks even more beautiful in person than it does in this photo. Just the cost of the wheels and brakes alone cost more than a lot of cars already on the road… LOL…

Now a little bit about the shoot… it was just a few days after we finished our brand new neon sign… I wanted to find a great way to show it off and this flat white NSX was the perfect touch. It was just after we closed the shop and was able to clear the street for the setup.

I already figured I would have to light paint the setup and it was a blessing we were in front of the shop cause that meant I had access to a power outlet and any misc tools I might have forgotten on a remote shoot. Across the street, I set up a Canon 5d Mark II with a Canon 17-40mm f/4… what? That’s all I had available to me that day… lol. I used about 4 shots to complete this composite, all about 30 secs for the exposure. I made sure to highlight the Takata Green on the Volk TE-37’s and accented that with the green in the garage. Added a few touches of purple and blue tones to give it a bit of subtle spark. My neighbors came home and dropped their DeWalt tool boxes by their door, which added a very blue collar touch to the building.

The tools I used for the light paint was a Alien Bee B800 with large softbox. Used a 100wt bulb that was soft enough to pick up on the long exposure. With an hour long edit, this is the final image. I posted some behind the scene shots as well for fun.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I know it is one photo but due to time restraints, that is all I was able to get to.

Andrew Manley

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