Everyone’s using Instagram. But are you using Instagram to take pictures of your dog or are you using it effectively to market yourself and your business? Instagram is the best because you have many options and it is very inexpensive.

If you are one of those that has decided not to utilize this awesome photo app or if you’re looking for new ways to market your business through Instagram, this post is for you.

The Instagram app itself has many tools to customize and perfect yours shots. You have different frames, filters, a blur tool, and level adjustments. The simple, straightforward beauty of Instagram is that you can tell stories through your photos. But how can you make yours stand out? Here are some Instagram business tips to help you out.

  1. #Hashtagging

You can find hashtags just about anywhere on Instagram: comments, captions, locations, etc. They provide a way for people to find your images. Popular hashtags are #selfie, #latergram, and #flasbackfriday. Of course you don’t have to conform to these hashtags. There are a plenty of people who have original hashtags.

They make it easier to group things together so that people can find you and your work for events or the genre. They also provide some form of context or commentary on your photo.

The next time you Instagram, try out the hashtag. You can start out with one or two and gradually move up. Experiment and measure the results.

  1. Behind The Scenes (BTS)

We all love posting pictures from our recent photoshoots, but people love seeing the process and the people behind your final images. Don’t be afraid to post pictures of your gear, you dogs, and the delicious macaron you had last Friday. These personal photos establish a personal connections with your followers. The more your followers relate to you, the more connected they feel with you and your business. The next time you’re shooting, have someone take a shot of you in action! That’s what Instagram is for: instant delivery. Show people what you’re up to!

  1. Use Different Camera Apps

Instagram’s little camera tools are a bit limited, but there are a ton of picture taking and editing apps and filters that can help your Instagram pictures look more artistic and distinct from the rest. Some of our favorites are Whitagram (it puts white borders on your pictures for a cleaner look), Afterlight for editing photos, Fotogramme, Color Cap, Picframe for stitching collages, and FontCandy if you want to add text to your pictures.

There you have it. Use these different techniques and let us know how it works out for you.

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