Today we are gonna talk about how you can impress your friends and family with a neat trick and unleash the Superhuman in you. Yes you heard that right… gonna turn you into a Superhuman!

Typically you do this trick outside but we did it indoors with our large roll up garage pulled up so we could expose the daylight outside. You can see below images shot on our iPhone how it actually looked inside the studio.

IEPR_ALIEN_BEES_112414_2308xIEPR_ALIEN_BEES_112414_2306x IEPR_ALIEN_BEES_112414_2307x


The technique is called “overpowering the sun” and we do this by taking strobe lights and exposing them 2-4 stops over the ambient sunlight that is available. Basically your light source has to be so bright that it is landing more light on your subject than the sun is. Typically I would take a light meter and expose for 3 stops of difference but in this case I just eyeballed it to the effect I wanted. As you can tell from the photos, we were able to turn daylight into night. Pretty cool right?

We stood 8 light stands equal distances apart in a circle and all using the standard 7″ reflectors. We had a mixture of B400’s, B800’s and B1600’s. Since the B400 is one stop weaker than the B800 and the B800 is one stop weaker than the B1600, we equalized them by the following settings:

1. B800   1/2 power
2. B1600 1/4 power
3. B400   1/1 power

We entered the following settings into our Canon 5d Mark III and Canon 24-70mm 2.8 Mark II:
Manual exposure mode: ISO100, f/20, Shutterspeed was between 1/30th to 1/200th. If you wanted the outside darker, you would shoot closer to 1/200th and if you wanted the ambient lighter, you could drop the shutter speed to 1/30th but make sure you have a steady hand as you can get blurry images at those speeds. If you want to control how much light is falling on your subject, you can shoot between f/14 to f/20. F/14 if you want more light on your subject and f/20 if you want darker.

IEPR_ALIEN_BEES_112414_2375 IEPR_ALIEN_BEES_112414_2313  IEPR_ALIEN_BEES_112414_2310 IEPR_ALIEN_BEES_112414_2311IEPR_ALIEN_BEES_112414_2309

The handsome fellow modeling for us is the hard working and very passionate wedding photographer, Brady Puryear. Check him out and follow him on Instagram:
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