Very few photographers we run into know about flash photography lighting gels. There comes a certain point in your photography where you want to try new techniques and get more creative, or just get away from shooting what you always shoot. A cool technique to try would be gels and a speedlite.

Why do you ask? Because you can manipulate what color you want the stream of light to be. To explain, gels are sheets of colored filters. They’re perfect for kicker or background lights. Here are some examples of what we’ve done with gels.

IEPR_rain_PHIL godox

The thing about color is that it sets the mood and tone of a pictures. You can highlight or balance colors in a picture using gels. If a picture has too much blue in it, try throwing in a yellow kicker!

It adds a next-level dimension to your photos and gives you the upper hand, since gels aren’t very known to photographers.

You can find them here and you can pick out any colors you would like when you come in.

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