Lighting conditions can make or break a photo shoot for a photographer. If the timing isn’t right or if the weather isn’t cooperating, photos can come out terrible and totally not what the photographer or client are looking for. The ability for a photographer to be able to utilize remote lighting to help compensate for harsh lighting or dim lighting is crucial and should be a requirement the next time you’re looking for a photographer for your shoot.

There are plenty of brands and price points for remote strobe lights, including Paul Buff, Profoto, Lumedyne, and Elinchrom to name a few. Prices for the these strobe flash heads could range anywhere from $250 into the thousands. The fancier kits have less color fluctuation, a more consistent pop, and a quicker recycle rate than their more affordable counterparts.

After chatting with Andrew from IE Photo Rentals, he recommended the Paul Buff Alienbee for my type of applications. The B800, to be more exact, was the model that he suggested that would give me durability and the most bang for my buck.

I was able to get a set of 2 Alienbee B800 and a couple of portable battery packs called Vagabond Mini’s to set up a studio anywhere for my quick shoot with Justin from Circuit Dreams, a passionate local race car driver.

Here are some shots of his K20-swapped Honda Civic that he uses to race in sanctioned events and competitions where I was able to utilize the remote lighting to get nice detailed shots of his race car.





After getting detail shots of his race car, we moved locations to get some “hero” shots of Justin and his car. With the help of the Vagabond Mini, we were able to set up 2 strobe lights out in the middle of no where. A lot of times during magic hour, we could get away without using it, but if you got them, you might as well use them to get the exact exposure you’re envisioning.


My trusty Canon Canon 5d Mark 2 workhorse was able to be paired nicely to the remote strobe lights to get some pretty cool shots of Justin and the Circuit Dreams race car. I’m definitely interested in trying out some of the fancier flash heads, but for the price and durability, these Alienbees are really a great value.

I know the guys at IE Photo Rentals stocks a bunch of lighting for photo and video, so I can’t wait to try out what else their expertise can recommend for my upcoming shoots. Studio Equipment available can be found using that link.

For more information on remote lighting equipment, don’t hesitate to talk to Andrew or Pro from IE Photo Rentals. Contact IE Photo Rentals

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