Buying used lenses is perfect for the low budget photographers and videographers. Sometimes we just don’t have the patience to save up for months to buy that brand new lens that’s most likely over $1000. Plus, there’s tons of great used lenses out there that work just fine.

Well for a good amount of people think it’s that way. If you’re not a gear elitist, good! But there are risks of buying gear especially online (where you see the gear for the first time when you have purchased it) or in person transactions that can be dangerous when thousands of dollars are involved.

There’s an awesome post we found that covers just about everything when it comes to buying a lens. Form what to look for on the lens, checking/testing images with a laptop after examining the lens. You can find it HERE.

You can also visit our consignment store located HERE. You can buy gear in pretty good condition and we’re very honest about the condition of the gear. It’s a great and safe way to buy gear and get your hustlin’ practice in!

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