I think there’s a lot of people that think you have to go to film school to have a successful career. People also think that by getting the best gear like a Canon C100 or a Red Epic Camera, you instantly become a better filmmaker. After watching Casey Neistat’s Guide to Filmmaking video, you’ll learn that all of this doesn’t matter. He does own expensive gear like the Canon 70D and the Canon 5D Mark III, but surprisingly, he became a successful filmmaker and now Youtuber with cheap equipment. Above is casey Neistat’s guide on filmmaking.

In his video, he shows you all the equipment he’s ever used in his filmmaking careers. One of his famous videos Bike Lanes, was shot with a Canon Powershot 300 HS. Nowadays, you can buy a point and shoot for about $90 on Amazon! We love his graph of diminishing returns on video cameras. Cameras ranging from $100-$6000 start to plateau in quality around the $600 mark. Crazy right?

Now when you look at point and shoots versus DSLR video, it’s night and day. But when you compare the most expensive DSLR to the cheapest one, isn’t what you expect.

Overall, Casey’s point is that “Story is Everything.” There is no magical, generic formula to tell a good story. When you’re able to tell a compelling story, people will forgive the video quality.

What do you think about Casey’s point?

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