Je’taime Paris…. anything Paris all of us love. And finally, here is a hyperlapse of Paris!

Created by the cinematography and editing team, Сonstantine Konovalov and Irina Neustroeva, “Paris Day & Night” is basically a five-minute wanderlust journey. And we never get sick of them.

What’s cool is that you can check out the behind-the-scenes blog post that gives you an insight of the team’s approach to capturing this crazy time-lapse.

Altogether, we shot every day, from one to ten small episodes of 2-4 seconds

To shoot this video clip, it took us about 40 days in total, but time in a time-lapse is measured in another way. All the shooting took place in Paris itself and we spent three months there (from October to January)

Get the full scoop on the gear they used, planning process, and everything else on their blog.

Thanks to the cool soundtrack by Fab Martini.

What did you think about this timelapse?

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