As professional photographers and videographers, it’s a battle to stay ahead of the game, whether that be through Instagram, our work, or regionally. We look and try new gear, techniques, post-production skills, and study long hours in editing. While refining your craft is a must, here are a few simple tips that can change how you view your craft, open doors for you, and give you the confidence to make important decisions for your business.

1.) Be Friends With Other Photographers

We would all love assistants and free ones as of that. But having friends to go shoot with is even better. Having them there can do wonders for your photography. They can help you find models or hold that reflector while you get your money shot. Work is sometimes stressful and it doesn’t hurt to ave some one there by your side. Plus, the more connections  you have, the better (professional and non-professional)!

2.) Read, read, and read!

Granted if you’re reading this, you probably read more often than the average Joe. The internet is filled with helpful resources and articles, but picking up a book can also do wonders for your work.Reading memoirs of famous photographers can help you relate to your profession. Learning about their struggles and successes can teach and prevent us from making the same mistakes.

3.) Branch Out

We all get stuck in a rut or that darned creative block. Whether yo need inspiration, wanting to book more clients, or stuck on a project, branching out always seems to clear those road blocks. Try new things and switch your daily routine up! If you’re in the studio every day, go outside! If you shoot every day and you’re getting burnt out, take a break. Visit a nearby city and explore! Bring your camera along to document! If you want to add more clients, learna  new skill. Try video! Try different lighting techniques. Shoot with your phone less, or more. Start using more or less of Instagram. Follow people that have amazing work. Your options are endless. Inspiration is in the palm of you hand. You just have to be willing to look for it.

4.) Stay Humble and Hungry for Knowledge

Don’t be afraid to learn from others and most importantly, ask questions. It can easily get overwhelming to compare yourself to other photographers. You can learn from anyone and everyone.

5.) Stay Positive and Make Smart Decisions

Being great at photograph shouldn’t be your only skill set. The trait that separates the successful photographers from the unsuccessful is their ability to accept positive results. Don’t make huge commitments you can’t keep. Don’t buy the crazy expensive gear you don’t need and end up in debt. Take the time to learn and study with what you have. When the time comes, you’ll know and don’t doubt yourself. Concentrate your thoughts on positive outcomes and focus on that as if you were studying the work of the photographer you look up to.

The photography and videography industries are risky. They are highly competitive and constantly evolving. Being adaptable is always a trait that is highly admired. You will run into those road blocks trying to stay ahead of the game, but remember the passion you started with and why you started.

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