UWA on a Crop and Full Frame


Canon 30d with 50mm f/1.2L is comparable to an 85mm lens on full frame, which makes the 50mm focal range on crop ideal for classic portraits and lifestyle shots. Here at the shop, we get… (Read More)

Strobes and Generator Test


The other day, we pulled out our EU1000 Honda Generator to run it through a few tests. We set up in front of the shop with our gorgeous IE Photo model, Andrew. We had two… (Read More)

John FOB Movement’s NSX


Not a lot of cars make me freeze on the spot and make me hate myself more than the Acura NSX… why would I hate myself? Well mainly because I do not have one yet… (Read More)

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Cruz


Photography has magical powers. Have you realized this yet? Can you imagine how many lives have been touched by photography? For a growing number of young adults, wedding photography has become a new career path… (Read More)

IEPR Goes Neon

Andrew looking at new IE Photo Rentals Sign

Evolution is such a serene thing. For the longest time, IEPR has been looking for the perfect sign to complement the shop. The art’s colony in downtown Pomona is rustic and has such a wonderful vibe. Our… (Read More)

IEPR’s Garage: Jordan Mo 2001 Lexus IS300


Today we will embark on a new journey that encapsulates photography and cars. We will be calling this segment, “IEPR’s Garage” where we photograph “cool” cars and talk about the gear that we used. We hope… (Read More)