Western Digital My Passport Wireless Takes SD Cards & Wireless Access

Whether we’re backing up, uploading, transferring, sharing, or viewing photos/videos, we need them on location. Most of the time you need cords and charging cords and they have to be disconnected in order to share with someone. Most hard drives require computers or some form of a card reader that’s separate. At this point, more equipment means the higher chances of equipment failing.

Western Digital’s My Passport Wireless offers two great features that we think are best for photographers – an SD card slot and wireless access. This means that while you’re shooting a gig, you can instantly backups your photos onto the hard drive and access them on a tablet or computer wirelessly.

This hard drive has a rechargeable battery that gets up to 6 hours of continuous usage or up to 20 hours on standby. One charge=unlimited possibilities.

Here at IE Photo Rentals, we’ve tries this option. What’s cool is that you don’t have to lug around your life, aka your computer and cables. It can be your camera set up, a tablet, and this hard drive. Awesomely minimalistic and handy, not to mention it all fits easily into your bag.

These My Passport Wireless hard drives are available around $130 for 500gb, $180 for 1TB, and $220 for 2TB. Price-y, but not too price-y. Overall, a good tool for all photographers.

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