Wedding season is here! It’s the beginning of endless shooting and editing in the weekends. And with the season being here, we all have to remember the must-haves. Here are the essentials every wedding photographer needs to have in their arsenal:


First and foremost, take care of your feet! Comfy shoes are very obvious, but if you’re new to the wedding scene, it’s something easily overlooked. Nothing is worse than shooting back-to-back weddings with blisters and sores on your feet. Try Rockport, ECCO or all-black sneakers. It’s especially hard for women to find cute and comfy shoes, but places like Payless and online stores offer comfortable flats or dress shoes. If you like character or theatre shoes, they’re very comfy because they come in neutral colors and have a little heel so not all of your weight is on your heel. Never sacrifice comfort for style. You’re  a photographer. No one’s going to judge you based on your shoes. It all comes down to making the investment.

Next, are your pants. We can all benefit from the fashionable world of golf: stretchy, breathable pants that look formal. Consider buying golf gear or buying slacks with stretch. After all, you will be bending down a lot and getting low for some angles.

Stay Nourished

While a healthy, hearty meal is important every day, that won’t always be the case when you’re lugging around your gear, driving venue to venue, and taking portraits all day long. Snacks are so so so important to keep you satiated enough to stay professional and give you energy for the hot summer months.

If you want to save your appetite for that 8pm feast, drink something! SmartWater or an energy drink goes a long way. Stash some in our bag or keep a cooler/insulated bag in your trunk!

Snacks like a Clif Bar or any bar are the easiest because they’re so small and they fit into your camera bag. Snack bars, bananas, or trail mix are all great options! Always have backup for those hunger pains or when the venue forgets to feed you (this sucks the most).

Hygiene / Health

This matters just as much to you as it is to everyone else. Having some self-care items in a baggie in your bag. You’ll be a hero when you have mouthwash or some mints for a nervous groom. Also consider stain removal pens like the Tide Pen, pain killers (helpful for brides that have killer shoes), bandaids (bandaids are a must!), sunscreen, baby wipes (for just about anything), and tampons/kleenex. Yes, we are talking to the male photographers. A tampon or two hidden away could one day make you hero. Do iiiiiit.

Repairs / Utility

You know how they say that duct tape can fix anything? They’re lying to you. Gaffers tape is supreme. It is the lifesaver binder tape of the audio and visual world. It repairs and holds everything. It’s just as sticky as duct tape, but doesn’t leave any residue. Own it. Own one now. Right now, you can find some at our shop!

The next tool would be a multi-tool. They are great for just about anything: cutting, turning, grabbing…anything from loose threads on zippers, opening packages, to broken light stands. Finally, add a cheap little sewing kit, pens, and a flashlight to the mix. If you shoot enough weddings, all of these will be of use to you at some point.

Hopefully, all of these suggestions have yo thinking and wishing you had them last year! Let us know what you have in your bag for those crazy weddings in the comment section below! Wedding photographer essentials are always a must!

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