As a rental shop, sometimes it surprises us how professional photographers don’t really know the technical aspects of using their gear. We’re not saying you should be able to read the chromatic abberration graphs of lenses, but just knowing how to use your equipment to achieve that professional image/video so that you can focus on more important aspects of your shoot.

Knowing How to Use Your Gear Solves Problems

In the world of photographer, especially event photographer, it really is a game of how good you are at problem solving.

If you know your gear, your ability to overcome problems that come up can be either easy or impossible. Know as much as you can about the features and abilities of your gear so that you’re armed to deal with complex situations.

Knowing How to Use Your Gear Keeps You Focused

As people in this age, we all have a limited amount of focus for tasks. As you practice more and more, the amount of focus you need to do something goes down. But as a beginning photographer, changing exposure, focusing, and keeping the composition good is all a balancing act.

When you spend most of your allocated time fidgeting with your gear, you’re sacrificing time with your creativity, model, and where you’re shooting. Invest time and knowledge into knowing your gear so that you don’t have to even think about it during a shoot.

Knowing How to Use Your Gear Boosts Quality

If you don’t know your gear very well, how are you supposed to get the best quality out of it? Overcoming that gap in knowledge can squash any chances of anything diminishing your quality.


This post may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many photographers sell their professional services while not even knowing the basics of photography. Sure, they have a good eye when the situation’s right, but getting your images from good to great is the gap of knowledge.

Now, how well do you know your gear?

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