The vampires are coming!  That’s the bad news (we’re closed Monday, February 3 as a result).  The good news is that if you’ve got dandruff, we’ve got you covered.  Our newly assembled shelves were originally constructed to organize our expanding gear selection (the 1DX needs a whole shelf to itself) but instead we’ve been stocked to the brim with beauty products.  Come and get it quick, it’ll all be gone once the film crews outside leave with all their stuff!

Over the last few days, our block has began taking on a new face and vibe. Welcome to Louisiana, we aren’t in Pomona anymore. Large crews and trucks have been buzzing about putting up signs, boards, and creating faux shop fronts. The activity has drawn groups of people out in the evening to walk around the block. Don’t these people know the vampires are out at this time!?

While negotiating with the production managers, we tried to convince them that IEPR exists in vampire infested Louisiana but they wouldn’t have it. Then we tried to at least get the antique shop front, but to no avail. We had to choose between a beauty shop or a certain someone’s mother in law’s house…the choice was clear. The photos below show the block just a few days ago.

Besides specializing in beauty products now, our neighbors look like they have up and left.  Some of use around here weren’t so lucky.  Some random looting went on, we aren’t sure who the culprits are, but thank goodness we are here only when it’s sunny out.  That’s why we sent our, oh-so-brave, shop hand outside to snap a few pictures of the blocks transformation.

True Blood Filming begins Monday.  See you all Tuesday! Stay focused.

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