It’s a mess in California right now. We have a huge drought, wildfires, and surprisingly, flash flood warnings all at once. Last month, you heard about five drones interfering with firefighter efforts over the I-15 freeway, which forced helicopters to ground. New laws and rules are being drafted for drone use and if a drone user if caught flying over a disaster area, they could face a $25,000 fine on top of getting your drone destroyed. The government and firefighters are allowed to shoot down drones that impede their efforts.

Aerial photography is on the rise as these drones are becoming more and more affordable. Getting amazing shots with a drone takes a lot of practice and in the infographic below by Story & Heart, it shares some useful tips to consider before taking your drone out for a spin.

Matt Brue, an experienced drone operator of over 5 years, is the founder of Capture Film Co. and educator at theAcademy of Storytellers that created the following checklist for those that are starting out in the aerial world in drone flying.


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