So, with our absence from last week, we were working very hard in renovating the space in downtown Pomona. With a splash of colors on the wall, a new reception desk and some new decor… IEPR has shifted the interior space far beyond what we had prior. We are not completely finished with the transformation, but a good deal of it is. Our good neighbor John Lee next door at Twenty Miles East Gallery did a wonderful job painting the space. If you guys ever need a painter at a great rate, you can click on the link. Here is peek at what we have been working on:

We originally came up with the designs below. We ended up with results very close to what we had envisioned. Initially, most of the people we asked really like the middle design because it kept the space bright looking. Andrew was a big fan of the top one since he loves the color red and the bottom one only got a few likes.

Here is the space mostly done. We are still working on the side table for a computer so our customers can reserve their orders when they get to the shop. In addition, if all goes well, we will have a custom piece with our logo on the left with some of the very talented artists on the 500 block!

We left the left side of the space white so that we can still exhibit local artists to hang their art during Artwalks (2nd Saturday of every month). We will be working on a wall so that customers can hang their business information and some other things we will reveil very soon!

We hope that you guys enjoy the new space!

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