The Godox Propac PB820 is a great tool for those that use their speedlite a lot. I think we can all sympathize how annoying it is to swap out 4 AA batteries during a wedding or an event (who doesn’t get tired of carrying a bag of AA’s around?)

Getting your hands on the PB820 makes the world of difference. It saves you a good chunk of time and the hassle of charging/holding lots of separate batteries. It provides up to 500 full-power flashes with Canon 580 EXII and Nikon SB900 flashes on a single 2-hour charge, not to mention the thousands of flashes you’ll get if you’re in ETTL mode. That extra capacity makes the biggest difference, because it means you don’t have to constantly recharge. It’s only when you need to that it takes a few seconds to plug the pack into the wall charger.

In terms of recycling time, it only takes one second to charge the flashes at the maximum power. You can even charge other flashes or products by replacing the plug-in connector cable!

The device itself has an LED indicator: 4 “dots” for the power supply, 1 for the charging status, and 1 for its working status. Also, the green LED light flickers when your power is getting low. The PB820 comes with a belt clip, universal charger, and car charger.

Now do you get the bang for your buck? Definitely. For $15.00 a weekend, it’s a great price for what it does. Every fashion, press, wedding, and sports photographer should have this in their arsenal.

As a side note, you will still need batteries inside your speedlite to be able to use it with the Godox Propac PB820.

Nancy Li of Kreativisuals.


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