Traveling changes the photography/videography game. You have to decide what gear you need the most and what you need to leave behind. For photographer/videographer Alex Cornell, he sums up all of the gear he brought to Iceland for photos and 4k video in a 14-minute video.

If you shoot Canon and you plan on traveling, he helps you narrow your gear down to the bare necessities, but without feeling like you compromising your work for convenience. If you happen to be traveling straight to Iceland, be sure to check out Alex Cornell’s Iceland Travel Guide.

Right now, 4K is still at the cusp of being edit-able and affordable (especially if you’re shooting Canon). Canon’s new C300 Mark ii should be out soon but $16,000 is a ridiculous price to pay for 4K. Luckily, Sony and Panasonic joined the race with the A7RII and GH4.


Here is a list of everything Alex goes over in the video

Pelican 1510 Case:
Canon C100 Dual AF
Canon 1DC
Canon 16-35 f2.8
Canon 24-70 f4
Canon 70-200 2.8 
InCase DSLR Pro:
Macbook Pro 13″
Monster Overdrive 1TB SSD
Gopro Hero4
Lexar Dual CF/SD Reader USB 3.0
ND and Polarizing Filters by B&W
Gitzo GT1542T with Manfrotto RC2
Black Rapid Curve with FR-T1
Ikan D5 (duplicative if you are mostly shooting with C100)

What did you think of the video? Was it missing anything?

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