Starting on Kickstarter, Supraflux’s video camera stabilizer was seeking $27,000 and completed their funding round with over $96,000.

What’s cool about this stabilizer is that it looks like a Glidecam, but brags that you don’t need the experience and skill to handle one. With the Glidecam, direction changes and panning are the hardest and most annoying aspects of it. You usually have to use your fingers to turn the thing, therefore destabilizing the camera.

Here at IE Photo Rentals, we love new tools. Especially if they can do more just one job.

Supraflux‘s video stabilizer incorporates a brake.

We set out to design a device that allows you to turn the camera without upsetting its balance. The result is the Supraflux Stabilizer with The Brake (patent pending). The Brake gives you complete control of turns by locking one axis of the stabilizer at the touch of a button. The other 2 axes remain free-floating continuing to stabilize the camera.

The result is a completely seamless transition from free to locked and complete control of your camera. This means you can turn the camera exactly how you want, when you want. No more touching the stabilizer and ruining the shot. This will change the way you film.

The build is aviation-grade aluminum and virtually frictionless ball bearings on all rotating parts that balances on all directions.

In terms of balancing, one turn of the knob moves the stage(plate) by 0.03″ (0.8mm), so you don’t have to adjust back and forth like you do on the Glidecam.

Here is an intro video and demo video:

The Stabilizer, with The Brake – Demos from Supraflux on Vimeo.

The craziest (and best) part of this new stabilizer is versatility. It handles a range of cameras weighing 0.25lbs to 10lbs. This means that it can carry iPhones and smartphones, GoPro cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, microsystems or mirrorless cameras, smaller DSLR and big DSLR, the RED cameras, semi-pro and pro video cameras. For video people, this is amazing! We no longer have to switch Glidecams or use different stabilizers for each device we want!

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Right now, this awesome stabilizer retails for $781 plus tax. Granted it may seem like a hefty price, it takes the place of 3 stabilizers.

The Supraflux is a very cool stabilizer and everyone should check it out. Maybe if we have enough people wanting to rent this, we are interested in getting it.

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