There are already so many cool and great options of portable lighting studio setups on the market, but WhiteBison’s SOOC Studio strives to be the best. The kit it comes in has a carrying case that transforms into a durable 18x16x12-inch setup with built-in 6,000 LED strips and an easy-to-clean plastic infinity curve.

collapsed soocstud

While you’ll see plenty of portable boxes on KickStarter, it just isn’t ideal if you have to provide the lighting. With the SOOC Studio, you simply unfold your studio, plug in the power cord, and get your shoot on! There’s no need to touch lighting because it comes ready to shoot your products.

What’s interesting about the WhiteBison SOOC Studio is that it’s a student-run product from South Africa. If you want to get your hands on one, visit their website. Even better is that it’s only $290. Super affordable considering it’s your background and lighting.

As of now, WhiteBison only ships to select countries. Just make sure to check that your country is available for shipping.


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