On this cold breezy day, we decided to take out the new Sony A7II and do some stabilization tests with it.  We used the whimsical playground of artist Dan Romero and all of his mystical sculptures.

Here are the 4 setups that we used:
1. Sony A7II
2. Sony A7II with Steadyshot mode ON
3. Sony A7II with a Cage
4. Sony A7II with the DJI Ronin


The first test, the A7II with the Steadyshot ON showed quite the shake and jitter…. almost a POV (point of view) shot of a person running in a horror scene. It may give some people a headache.


The next clip of the A7II with the Steadyshot ON with the Glidecam HD2000 was a lot better. We notice that most videos shot with the Glidecam have a certain feel to it. Although it did offer a slight improvement in the X axis (horizontal), it was still wasn’t great. We were hoping for better stabilization from the 5 axis gimbal integrated into the camera however the way it looks, it is a great mechanism for stabilizing any lens for crisper shots with slower shutter speeds. I am assuming this is a camera more for photographers than for video guys… please chime in with your thoughts.
2G1A9681 2G1A9684-2

The final test with the DJI Ronin shows the real beauty in 3-axis gimbals. This thing is so buttery smooth that I am not sure how anyone can revert back to shooting video without one.

Let us know what you think of this camera!


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