For all of the photographers using WordPress as their content management system, here are some SEO tips.

SEO has always been a broad topic that no one really understood. One thing that for sure affects your Google ranking is your page load speed. Here are some SEO tips for photographers with WordPress that will take just a few minutes to implement that will boost your Google rankings.

The video above is a a good summary for visual learners.

If you’re not sure how fast or slow your page load, test the load time of your website over at GT Metrix. You can see that you can cut your load time in half just by adding a few WordPress plugins.

Not only is a fast load time necessary to your rankings, but also for your website viewers as well. Can you imagine how annoying it is when a website takes more than a second to load? Your visitors will get bored or annoyed (like any of us) and move on.

Here are four free WordPress plugins to speed up your page loading time:

  1. W3 Total cache
  2. WP-Optimize
  3. EWWW Optimizer
  4. Autoptimize

Watch the video above for the setup process for each plugin.

Since May 2015, Google looks at another aspect that affects your ranking. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly or responsive. Google has a test to see if your site is. Just copy and paste your URL through the Google Mobile Friendly test and you’ll whether it’s responsive or not.

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