Every photographer goes through stages of not knowing how to price themselves, licensing, and even having model release forms. Learning all of these things earlier establishes good habits in the future. Recently, a mobile stock image site Snapwire released an app called Releases that fixes one of those issues: model release forms. And the best part? It’s free.

Releases app allows you to quickly create, sign, and send model.property release forms using just your iPhone. You just have to inout information about yourself as a photographer/videographer (which can be saved for auto-filler) as well as selecting industry-standard templates like the Snapwire Model Release, Snapwire Property Release, ASMP Standard Model Release, ASMP Standard Property Release, Getty Images Model Release, Getty Images Property Release, Shutterstock Adult Model Release, Shutterstock Minor Model Release, and Shutterstock Property Release. What’s cool is that each file ca be saved as a PDF and emailed to yourself and your client in the app.

snapwire-releases-model-release-app-steps-1 snapwire-releases-model-release-app-steps-3

There are tons of apps out there that do the same thing, but with Release Me, you won’t have to pay five bucks and deal with tacky app layouts. It’s on-the-go like all of us photographers and will be one less pain in the butt for your shoots. You avoid the hassle of someone signing multiple papers and you having to print out multiple copies.

Download the app today! Tell us what you think about it!

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