Cancer is something that not a lot of us can relate to and escaping the realities of it can be hard. Salt Lake City-based photographer Jonathan Diaz gives these tough fighters a chance to live their dreams. The project, Anything Can Be Project, along with the help of donations and sponsorships, Jonathan was able to create ornate sets and costumes to create the full effect of fantasy photography. The kids more than anyone, deserve such an awesome experience! Watch the video because it will truly put a smile on your face and get your creative juices flowing.

OUR MISSION: To create lasting hope and awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer by taking the dreams of pediatric cancer patients and bringing them to life through the power of photography and art.  To inspire young cancer fighters to believe in the impossible to hope for miracles and find the courage to make their dreams come true.  To inspire others to recognize and cultivate their talents then use those talents to better our world and enrich the lives of others.

If you’re looking for more footage and BTS of Jonathan’s other shoots, check out his YouTube channel here.

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