Yesterday, 2nd Street of Downtown Pomona was shut down as they escorted Officer Shaun Diamond of the Pomona Police SWAT TeamĀ for the last time through the city which he loved and protected. Along with 2500 other officers, his family and friends, the Governor of California (Jerry Brown) and other high seated officials.

The staff of IEPR along with other business owners, residents and students stood by in sorrow but very proud of the strong police supportĀ he received. It was quite a sight to see, about an hour long of various agencies and all types of police vehicles that were apart of group to his final resting place.

Thank you for serving our community and paying the ultimate price in the name of safety. May you rest in peace. You will be missed.

IEPR-officer-shaun-diamond-funeral-downtown-pomona_110614_1711 IEPR-officer-shaun-diamond-funeral-downtown-pomona_110614_1712 IEPR-officer-shaun-diamond-funeral-downtown-pomona_110614_1713 IEPR-officer-shaun-diamond-funeral-downtown-pomona_110614_1714 IEPR-officer-shaun-diamond-funeral-downtown-pomona_110614_1715 IEPR-officer-shaun-diamond-funeral-downtown-pomona_110614_1716 IEPR-officer-shaun-diamond-funeral-downtown-pomona_110614_1717 IEPR-officer-shaun-diamond-funeral-downtown-pomona_110614_1718


All photos were shot with the Canon 5d Mark III with the Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 VC.

IE Photo Rentals – 558 W. 2nd St, Unit B, Pomona, CA 91766

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