For all of you video people out there, we have the Manfrotto 546B Pro Video Tripod and the 502HD Pro Video Head now in stock at IE Photo Rentals!

For just $45 a weekend, it’s affordable for any budget of yours.

This tripod is an a aluminum two-stage tripod where strength and stability meet. It’s able to carry loads up to 20k or 44 lbs. The 546B Video tripod has a height of 60.6″ (154cm). It comes with spiked feet and rubber overshoes, for uneven/even surfaces. At the same time, the mid-level telescopic spreader keeps the legs exactly where you need them. It can be used with various dollies.

The MVH502A is a professional video head and has a 75mm half ball video tripod mount. It’s designed for use with HDSLR cameras and the latest interchangeable lens cameras. It has two easy link connectors to allow an external monitor or other accessories to be fitted directly on the head.


This pairing is no joke. It offers high-performance variable fluidity and a counterbalance setting designed to match the weight of the popular cameras along with their accessories, which includes monitors, lights, or microphones. For the 502 head, it has a pre-set counterbalance of 4kg (8.8 lb.), but is able to support equipment of up to 7kg (15.4 lb.).

This heavy-duty tripod is the videographer’s dream. it’s stable, lightweight (for a video tripod of course), and unfolds/folds quickly. The only con to it would be how clunky it is. But when is video equipment not clunk and cumbersome? Never… But this will make the effort of carrying it worth it.

Check it out at our shop and rent it for your next video shoot! We’ll be glad to show you how to set it up.

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