For all of you video people out there, we all know gear can get expensive. Like, really expensive. And with stabilizers, the household names are SteadiCam and Glidecam. We have a lot of Glideca fans, but there’s still room for improvement in terms of the actual system and price! The HD 2000 retails at $530, but the new “glidecam” we got in retails at $289!

The Laing P-04 Stabilizer a the newer, more affordable Glidecam we offer. it’s easy to adjust and it comes with a bag!

It’s made of aluminu alloy and a carbon fiber pole. This thing can hold up to 33.07lbs and is smaller as well.

Check it out here to rent for $32 for our standard 3-day rate!

Heres a video to help in stabilizing:

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