Just yesterday, we got the Nikon 70-200mm 4.0 VR in our shop and today we took it out for a quick spin with the Nikon D7100.

Quick observations about the lens is that it is lightweight, got a good build quality (for being mainly plastic) and zooming is quick and efficient. Lens was resolving strong details (raindrops) when I used it with a Nikon D700 yesterday but it was stored in the camera’s temp storage as I didn’t have a memory card during the initial testing. Today I shot a few items all about 20 feet out or further just to get a feel for it. All photos shot with this combo were shot on JPG Large Fine.

Shot everything wide open at f/4.0 and there are some cyan chromatic aberrations in the Mitsubishi Evo shot in very high contrast areas. The details of the raindrops on the window are distinctive but perhaps due to the DX sensor at 24mp, makes it seem a bit “soft”.


The focus point on this shot were the light bulbs  in the red banner zone. Details look solid and the background faded to a nice subtle blur/bokeh with the distance that we were shooting at.


Was able to shoot our neighbors at The Loft, Josh and his new addition Jackson as they got some fresh air after yesterday’s big storm.  Details on Josh and Jackson were slightly murky but it may because they were underexposed from being inside.


Details along the window, window trim and door lock showed good details.


The mural that David Flores was shot at 122mm and rendered well as I was able to count all of the bricks individually. Not that I actually did but I could if I wanted to but I didn’t. LOL


Hector is modeling the pair for us but note that he is 6’4″ so the camera looks smaller than it would be in the average person’s hands.

IEPR_NIKON_D7100_702004VR_120314_2873web IEPR_NIKON_D7100_702004VR_120314_2874web


Overall the lens did well but paired with a DX sensor that pushes 24mp was probably the biggest issue I had with the test. Been shooting full frame for so long so there is definitely something left to be desired in terms of resolution and resolving finer details. The lens is great for shooting outdoors and because it isn’t so heavy, I could handhold it all day without my wrists starting to feel strained. The VR worked well and stabilization was perfect in the conditions I tested in.

Come check it out for yourself next shoot.


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