Her at IEPR, when we’re not helping you guys out behind the counter, we’re master chefs behind that curtain (just kidding).

If any of you know Pro, you’ll know that he’s a dedicated vegan. And if you’ve never seen the food Pro cooks, you’re in for a surprise. Days at IEPR are very different from the last. Sometimes we’re working the whole time and sometimes you’ll hear Andrew laughing and telling some crazy story.

Andrew Manley was able to capture one of Pro’s chef days as he cooked up something delicious.

Two beautiful organic carrots

Shot on Sony A7RII and Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art

Sony A7RII + Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art



Shot on Canon 70d with Canon 100mm 2.8 IS L macro


Shot on Canon 30d with Canon 100mm 2.8 IS L

Have you ever tried vegan food? It’s delicious! Give it a shot! We recommend Cafe Gratitude.

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