The age of autofocus changed how pictures were taken. Autofocus systems are so sophisticated and quick that most photographers laugh at the idea of manual focusing. Makes sense, but manual focusing is still relevant.

For one, there are still lenses of all price ranges that are produced without autofocus capabilities along with adapter that cancel out autofocusing. Lenses like our Sigma 85 and Rokinon Cine lenses don’t have autofocus. Also, many of us have old school lenses that work really well even to this day. People shouldn’t avoid those kinds of lenses because they are some that perform really well for a little cost.

Of course we’re not trying to vouch only for manual focusing. Some lenses are just really hard to manual focus. Whether it’s the size, shape, overall ergonomics…we get it! LensTAAB is has a solution for all of us.

LensTAAB is a tough neoprene ring with ‘teeth’ on the inside, that goes on over the focusing ring and grips it without any other assembly or adhesive required. True to the name, each ring has a finger tab reminiscent of some old Leica and M lenses, which makes the task of manually focusing easier, more comfortable, and more precise.

What’s cool is that they have different sizes to make sure that all kinds of lenses can use it. There’s the Mini, for smaller mirrorless and rangefinder lenses; the Standard for more typically-sized lenses; and Hefty for those large, fat lenses. What you have to do is measure the diameter of your lens to figure out which one is best for you. The only catch is that they’re not yet in stores and they need distributors. For the time being, you can pre-order through their site.

Not only is this new product great for photographers, but videographers alike. Tell us what you think about LensTAAB in the comment section below!

For those Nikonians… The 105mm f/2.8 VR. Thoughts, anyone?

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