So as a new segment to IEPR’s FOCUS blog, we are introducing an ARTIST SPOTLIGHT to give exposure to those that are doing BIG things in the very competitive world of photography and videography. To help gain insight on what independent photo/video guys are doing in the industry, we will be setting up a Q&A style like interview to help bring you guys all the inside scoop of these emerging artists.

We are so honored that our dear friend KAI STREETS, (artist, photographer, cinematographer, director) has taken the time out to answer some questions about how he got started, his triumphs/struggles and what he’s currently working on. Our photoshoot and interview took place across the street from IE Photo Rentals Studio at Chara Nicole’s THE LOFT, which was the perfect venue to shoot our portraits. We sat, we talked and then we handed Kai a Nikon D800 and 14-24mm… handing a Canon guy Nikon stuff is so much fun 😉

Behind the story: I (Andrew) met Kai one day when I used to rent on the “streets”. Mind you, I get a text at 3am (or some time close to that) that said something of the sort: “I am heading off to death valley and need a 16-35mm for some landscapes. Can you help me out”. Crazy enough, I accepted his requested and met Kai at 5am at the local Winco Shopping center. To my surprise, I asked him where he went to school because his face looked so familiar. When I found out that he went to Lorbeer Middle School in Diamond bar and graduated in 1993, I was besides myself because I did too! We went to the same school and even knew some of the same people. When I got back home, I digged up my year book and sure enough, there he was…! Later Kai introduced me to the downtown Pomona area where IEPR ended up settling. Kai since then has been an inspiration and a true artists in every regard. Hence why we decided to host him as our first artist. Thank you Kai.

So we hoped you guys learned a little bit about someone making moves in the industry. With some patience, hard work and a little bit of luck… things may just come together for one of you and when that time comes, we will be looking for you. Thank you Kai for taking time out of your very busy schedule to sit down with us. We are honored by your work, your humility and your path to greatness. We will be on the look out for all of your future work.

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  1. chillin

    Great conversation! Great job Andrew! Kai, you are an inspiration to us all. Those who know you and those who do not know you. Keep up the hard work and stay passionate because it shows. One who LOVES there work gets LOVE for there work. I do not shoot but you truly inspire me.

  2. Joshua Swodeck

    Beautiful job kids…great interview. Kai, your philosophy is always an inspiration for aspiring artists. What you do with the camera is a breathe of fresh air. Keep it up Kai.

  3. Kai Streets

    Andrew….I have nothing but the utmost respect for what you do and who you are as a person, friend, and inspiration. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share some of my perspectives and experiences. It was an honor to be apart of and I want to thank you from the heart. Much love to you and Pro.
    Thank you Megan for the love and feedback.
    Chillin… my big brother. I appreciate every word and I take your words very seriously. Thanks you for even checking this spotlight out. I appreciate you fam. Love you!
    Joshua…I appreciate the love very much brotha. You might not know this, but your perspectives, maturity, and genuine goodness help to keep me grounded. Much love. 500 block for life!


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