Keep Racing Off Public Streets, with Adams Motorsport Park, hosted a drift and time attack event that brought a healthy variety of cars to the track. If you haven’t heard about KROPS, check them out.  As one of the event sponsors, IEPR headed out to the track to capture the fun. If you’re a car fan, there was a little bit of everything out on the track. From JDM to Euro to American muscle and all the random stuff in between, the track felt alive. The event ran smoothly from drift to time attack and back to drift again once the sun had set.  Kudos to the people at KROPS and Adams for putting together such a well organized and fun-for-all event.  Make sure to check out KROPS at Extreme Autofest at Anaheim stadium today, Saturday May 31st.

From our inventory we pulled out two primary setups. The first was our beloved Canon 1Dx and 70-200 f/2.8L Mk2. The second was the 5D3 and 300mm f/2.8L. This was good chance for us field test our gear but also to get more familiar with the many features that come packed into either camera.  A lot of photographers have bashed the 5d line for it’s less than impressive focusing abilities.  A huge update to the line, the 5d3 has a few aces up it’s sleeve to improve its focus reputation.   The 5d3 has a very simple servo focus mode selection that can adjust focus tracking based on what you are shooting. It performed wonderfully.  Objects entering the viewfinder are picked up just fast enough before you’re ready to take the shot.  Sometimes when tracking, people are standing in the way, the 5d3 recognizes this and holds focus on the subject as opposed to frantically trying to hit the person and then warp back to the car/subject.

The 1Dx, well, it’s the 1Dx, it pretty much does everything well. Andrew was hard pressed to find some fault with the camera out at the track…

Cameras aside, being at the KROPS event gave us a chance to PRACTICE. It’s not every day that you get the chance to practice panning and tracking. When the opportunity presents itself, it’s hard to say, “No”. Shooting cars at a track is a lot of fun. When you aren’t separated by concrete barriers, it’s definitely a good idea to always keep your head up and be aware of cars speed, location, and angle on the track (even when you are looking through the viewfinder).

The majority of these photos settings were dialed in manually. Shooting primarily in Manual mode helps keep you on your toes. It forces you to think about what kind of photo you will produce. You can choose a slow shutter to show motion, slower shutter to pan and blur, or fast shutter to freeze the action; which all becomes very comfortable after a couple hours. Even as the light started to fade at the track, bumping up the ISO in sync with the ever changing lower ambient light was not hard. Neither was slowing the shutter down for longer-than-normal panning shots or trying more experimental double exposure type shots.

Gear List:

Below are some of the photos we took.  Enjoy! and feel free to leave us any feedback or ask any question you might have about the gear, settings, the event, and renting!

Canon 1Dx

Canon 5d3

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  1. Justin Margedant

    It was a fun event and nice pictures! I donated to krops for other pics, but is there anyway to get these pictures sent to me as well? Im in the grey e46 m3, anyways thanks !


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