There are so many crowdfunding projects it’s so hard to keep track of  all of them. It seems like everyone is an inventor nowadays. Ever since Indiegogo and Kickstarter have launched, funding cool projects and products has created this cool creative space online for people with ideas.

A product recently launched is called Instamic, known as the GoPro of microphones. Probably all of the photographers are about to close this tab, but hold on just a sec.

As photographers, you have some form on content on the internet. That content builds your brand, markets your business, and when it comes down to it, video is your most powerful marketing tool. Snapchat anyone? Youtube? Facebook autoplay? There are millions of videos watched every month that cover cats, tutorials, pranks…anything! If you want to market yourself to your local cities or nationally, video must be part of your strategy.

Not only do your videos have to be good, but also audio. Poor sound makes all of us cringe through any video. But the problem with audio is that it’s not always cheap, simple, or user-friendly. Every situation is different and that means a different kind of mic. So the idea of having a small, versatile, high-quality one is a great one.

Instamic has some high-quality audio that records in 48khz/24 bit, with mono, dual-mono and stereo for the Pro, omnidirectional polar pattern, and a frequency response of 50 to 18,000 Hz. The mic itself is so tiny and easy to use. It looks like a mini Tic Tac case and is easily mountable to just about any surface. It comes with sticky, magnetic, and velcro lanyards to make mounting incredibly easy. AND it’s waterproof, works without the app, and cna sync to bluetooth devices along with being USB rechargeable.

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It’s great for photographers to understand and incorporate video into their marketing/social media plan. You can read more about it on their Indiegogo page, and you can see why they reached over $200,000 in funding. Watch out for this mic coming into the marketplace. Here’s their video:

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