The holy grail Instagram recently release two major updates to their photo-sharing app that helps users connect with more photos and photographers. The new updates include a redesigned “Explore” page with trending tags and places along with making it easier for you to find people, places, and tags relevant to you.

Personally, Instagram has always been a bubble where I rarely travel outside of my feed and find new photographers (not to mention it was always hard to do so). I just don’t actively search hashtags (is it just me?)


With Instagram’s new update to their “Explore” page, trending events and locations emerge in real-time, just like Twitter’s trending page. The goal is to showcase events happening around the world, which I think is great. Not only is it a photo sharing app, but it can keep you updated on events happening.

With this new “explore” page, they are adding new curated collections including topics like “Towering Rocks” and “Extreme Athletes”. As of now, it’s only happening in┬áthe US.

This new search features allows you to see everything around the world and see the top posts. Not only can you search places, but also people, and hashtags at the same time!

It’s great that Instagram is making it easier to discover new things, places, and people. With the new Instagram update, hopefully more great, underrated photographers will get discovered and displayed. Now, the net step should be a native iPad app…(yes?! We think so.).

What do you think about the new Instagram update? Do you actually use it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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