There are certain gifted people in this world that have a peculiar knack for great storytelling. That could be with friends, around a campfire, or in front of an audience. They can keep you interested and entertained story after story, leaving you wanting more. And then there’s the rest of us that aren’t as gifted. However, there are tricks to become a better storyteller to keep your audience interested.

And this same concept can be applied in cinematography. Some filmmakers are able to keep audiences engaged, while other stutter through a spotty plot. When it comes to film, it’s a series of moving pictures, where the story unravels from the actor. To emphasize scenes or make then believeable or even impactful, moving the camera properly may seem like insignificant, but that is an art in itself. The video below is brought to you by DSLR Guide. Simon Cade, the host, walks you through some creative camera movement techniques to become a better visual storyteller.

These cinematography techniques combined with the message and performance, can create something very powerful. And plus, it never hurts to have a good list of techniques for future projects. Watch the video below:

What are some of your favorite techniques and tools? Let us know in the comment section below!

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