Last Friday, as we closed up the shop, I was admiring the beautiful clear night we had after the big rain storm. It was an ideal time to do some night photography so I decided, why not do our very first impromptu photo meet up in Little Tokyo Downtown Los Angeles?

As Hector and Nancy stared at me trying to figure out if I was messing with them or not, I posted a quick message on Instagram to see if anyone else would be down to meet up at 9pm. Sure enough, our customers are always down for the ride and we were a go!

We ran back into the shop to grab some gear…. it was a great time to try out some new gear such as the Rokinon Cine Lenses and the Pixelstick.

Then a quick trip to Church’s Chicken to stuff our face full of greasy scrumptious food and off we went.

We had a decent size turn out especially for the short notice but a strong 12 came through to shoot with us.

Here are some photos and videos from that night. We shot for roughly 2-3 hours but we will make the next one even better!


IEPR_NIGHTCRAWL_121914_3290 IEPR_NIGHTCRAWL_121914_3294 IEPR_NIGHTCRAWL_121914_3296 IEPR_NIGHTCRAWL_121914_3298  IEPR_NIGHTCRAWL_121914_3301



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