EVENT: Rock The Bells
SHOOTER: Anthony Steven Canello

On arrival to New Jersey, I was instantly thrown off by the temperate climate and enormous amount of humidity I was yet to endure. This is where the masses of the hip-hop culture were set to congregate for the 9th annual Rock The Bells Festival. Armed to the teeth with my CANON T3i (Courtesy of the wonderful people here at IE Photo) I was ready to face anything.

After a brief interview with the Guerilla Union video crew, Lance Rock was on-stage bringing out all kinds of silly friends. The Yo Gabba gang was a big hit with the parents and toddlers. However, it wasn’t until Biz Markie graced the microphone that the party really felt underway. I setup tight in front of the stage, screwed on my CANON 16-35 II and started firing away.

© Anthony Steven Canello

Soon after- I was blessed with a lyrical freestyle, by none other than MC Supernat; I swapped lenses to put on the CANON 100mm Macro and grabbed a stunning shot showing his control & focus during the flow. Just when things couldn’t get any better, it was time for Naughty By Nature bringing that old-school OPP! When the outside stage got a little too warm for comfort, I strolled over to the amphitheater and caught a glimpse of Redman & Methodman rocking the crowd. With a little bit of time to kill, I setup on stage to grab a shot of the very aggressively TURNT rapper, Two-Chainz.

© Anthony Steven Canello

Before the day started winding down, Ice Cube made his presence known by delivering an awesome performance for all the East Coast hip-hop heads. The Diplomats helped close out the night with vocalist Jim Jones keeping the usual routine fresh and energetic. With such good vibes everywhere, it was tough to leave that stage, but DMX and Eve proved to be any even greater spectacle to behold both giving solid shows to end day one.

© Anthony Steven Canello

Day two started off with a monsoon, which ultimately forced a few acts to be called off. Even though DJ Quik had the option to perform under the safety of the canopy he decided to engage with his uber-dedicated fans.

© Anthony Steven Canello
Rock The Bells continues to connect us with quality hip-hop acts like Common and J Cole who entertained the crowd all night long.

© Anthony Steven Canello

Thanks again to the entire IE Photo team for supporting me on the trip out to Jersey! The last photo of the day was taken by my good friend Kyle and we went for an EPIC shot by using the CANON 16-35 II coupled with our 5D MARK ii. Check out the link below to see the Rock The Bells New Jersey highlight video shot on lenses & gear provided exclusively from IE Photo Rentals.

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