Evolution is such a serene thing. For the longest time, IEPR has been looking for the perfect sign to complement the shop. The art’s colony in downtown Pomona is rustic and has such a wonderful vibe. Our neighbors across the street at M&M Electric have an oldschool vintage neon sign that lights up 2nd Street every night. It is so iconic and everyone loves it!

About six months ago, our neighbor Josh at THE LOFT told us about a sign company half a mile down the street. Williams Sign Co has been around a long time and have made signs for so many large companies for many many decades. Since we are big supporters of local small business, it was a great opportunity to finally get a sign for the shop.

A week prior, I met with the Chad where he showed us around and gave us some suggestions. I knew that I wanted something simple and iconic as well. So we went with a neon sign as well. Got to keep consistency with the block and hanging the sign right in front of our shop window would be the best way to get the attention of our first time customers who were not familiar with our spot. So we dropped off the vector file with him and paid our deposit. Chad told us that it would be done in a week.

So anxiously we waited and got the call for the following Thursday. We were extremely excited because we had planned for a big Acura NSX photoshoot for the following day and it would of been awesome to get the sign up for the shoot and Williams Sign Co didn’t disappoint. Here are the photos of our pick up. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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