Every wedding photographer has their own trick on how to book clients for the upcoming year or wedding season. Of course social media and websites have become the main staples, but sometimes we forget that brides and grooms aren’t together 24/7 and may meet other vendors before coming to a photographer. Getting referrals from other vendors is another strong and easy way to getting more business. Here are 3 easy tips to implement into your workflow to get more referrals from your vendors! Some of you might already be doing them and all you’re missing is an extra step.

Photos of Location and Services

Sometimes weddings can have some leeway time where you usually relax. Going around taking pictures of the venue is a good thing to do because you gets photos for your couple and also for the vendor/location. They can use these images for their website! Who doesn’t want free promotion and beautiful pictures?

Also, taking pictures of anything that holds significant value to the bride or groom like their rings, her dress, his shoes, etc helps them remember that day and where their money went. These pictures can also be used by the vendors for their websites or social media. When you sit down and go through all of your photos for your clients, send the ones you took to the respective vendors. It is very important to let these vendors know that these pictures are free in exchange for referrals. Of course, you would have to word that right to not come off too aggressive. If you don’t just shoot weddings, do the same thing! It takes just a few minutes and it can lead to more leads. Vendors are always looking for photos to promote their business, and beautiful photos are a plus.

Same-Day Slideshow

Not everyone does same-day slideshows. Sometimes they’re just photosets. To get referrals from guests, this is one of the best advertising tools for any wedding photographer. Create a slideshow or photoset that includes details (ie the vendors). This is a sure way to please all the vendors. For the slideshow or photoset, include highlights of the day and also details like the decor. When you put these little details in the slideshow or photoset, people notice and the wedding planner/florist/coordinator will be more than happy.

When it comes to hotel planners, wedding coordinators, or whoever is in charge, make sure you send them an exclusive slideshow or photoset along with a thank you note. This is the best way to make sure they look at your work, fall in love, and eventually recommend you to their future couples.

Another thing you can do with your slideshow of photoset is to add the list of vendors at the end of the slideshow or photoset. Be careful because this can come off as pure marketing to some couples. Some couples love it and some not so much. It doesn’t hurt to ask anyways. If you can, vendors will love you and don’t forget to make sure your logo is at the top so it’s visible.

Follow Up with the Event Coordinator/Planner/Vendors

The last tip is to always follow up with the vendor. Contacting them after a wedding is one thing, but staying touch with them on a regular basis is better. This creates TOMA (top of the mind awareness) and puts you at the top of their mind when being asked for a photographer/videographer. Ask them if they need anything like pictures for their upcoming events or just head shots of their staff. Everyone always needs new pictures. By offering your services to them, you will most likely become their preferred photographer.

These three tips are very easy to do and don’t require any money, just a few minutes! By getting referrals from vendors, it will be much easier to catch more business. Finally, keep in mind that brides and grooms will always scout for locations, wedding planners, and the dress first before booking a photographer. Be sure to create that TOMA and get recommended by vendors!

What are some of our tricks to getting more business? Let us know in the comment section below!

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