As a rental shop, we get a lot of questions about how to take care of cameras and what to do to for “maintenance”. Often times, it’s a matter of habit or just taking some extra steps to avoid getting the inside of your camera dirty. One of the best ways to make sure there isn’t any dust on the sensor is to check that the back of lens or lens caps don’t have dust. Another great tool is the bulb air blower. They’re great for DSLR and non-DSLR cameras.

While using canned air on the sensor itself is a bad idea, using it for the less sensitive  parts of the camera and lens. Of course, this means keeping the can upright, not shaking it, and spraying it a few inches away.

They have cool options like¬†lens pens like these. Once your remove any particles on a lens, we love using Smitty’s Glasswax. It’s a great wax that protects the glass and can be used on any glass. If you’re interested in getting the Smitty’s Glasswax, stop by our shop and they’re $10.

Of course these ways aren’t the only ways of cleaning gear. Comment below and share how you clean gear!

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