As a wedding, nature, sports, or just about any photographer that doesn’t require hours of post production editing, it’s hard to understand or really appreciate the amount of work that a high-end retoucher does. One image could take hours! For wedding photographers, going through thousands of images means that each image gets a few seconds of attention. The one that go through Photoshop, are posted to the blog, ordered for prints or the album get more time. But not hours, only a few minutes.

This time-lapse video will condense hours of high-end retouching into a 90 second clip. Easy for you, huh? Spending hours on one image is hard to beliieve, but agencies like Rare Digital Art does this often. Elizabeth Moss, the founder and a photographer, runs this agency based in New York City as a retouching company. Absolutely amazing.

The picture starts here:


To here:



You’d think models would have flawless skin right? Wrong. It’s all Photoshop. The ads int he magazines all require this much work. The model goes from blemished skin and crazy hair to a refined, clear-skinned magazine cover. Those of you who do use Photoshop on a regular basis, watch what the editor does. You can’t help but be mesmerized. The attention to detail is something to admire. But the question now is: is this kind of editing acceptable? Does it skew our perspective on the standards of beauty?

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