Michael Dyrland is a photographer based out of Washington that went of a trip to Los Angeles for a shoot. Michael was hoping to score some classic Southern Californian days and get in the water to do get epic surf action. When he got there, it rained and he encountered ten billion gallons of run off. As Michael put it, the contamination composed of garbage, sewage, oil, and human fecal matter. It totally makes sense that he didn’t paddle out there because, who would?

While Michael didn’t get the chance to make it out the the water, like all creatives, he was inspired. His trip stemmed into HAZMAT Surfing, a photographic series shot by Michael Dyrland and Mike Marshall, which shows life 20 or 30 years from now. A time when our waters will be so polluted that you can only enter with full biohazard gear.
Dyrland teamed up with the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit devoted to protecting beaches and oceans. He chose Venice Beach as the location because of how prominent it is int he surfing community. There are worse places in the world, and he hopes to expand this series globally.
The truth is, it’s only getting worse
So far, Dyrland has funded the project on his own and says that it is his passion for conservation that drives the project forward.
We just need to address the current issues and work together toward improving ocean pollution
hazmat-surfing-photos-raise-awareness-of-contaminated-oceans-1 hazmat-surfing-photos-raise-awareness-of-contaminated-oceans
A huge thanks to Dyrland and everyone involved in his HAZMAT Surfing project for their efforts to spread awareness about the contamination of our oceans. If you want to find out more about HAZMAT Surfing, you can check out Dyrland Productions or view his work on Facebook.

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