Sometimes we’re stuck in this mindset we here at IE Photo Rentals call “the 16-35L mindset”. Being a rental shop, we have people of all calibers come in thinking that the only wide angle for them is the Canon 16-35.

We all have to keep in mind of the alternatives especially when budget is considered. That’s why we love Tokina’s 16-28mm f/2.8 FX ATX. It retails for $650.

It’s great because it’s $300  less than the Canon 16-35L and $1100 less than the Canon 16-35 Mk II.

Overall, a great lens for the price tag.


  • Very affordable
  • Almost same range as 16-35
  • Sharp


  • Heavy
  • Fisheye front element so it can’t have traditional filters on it

If you want a more detailed review, make sure to check out SLR Lounge here.

This lens is perfect for anyone that needs that wide shot. It’s versatile and heavy duty. It’s a must have. Here are some test shots straight out of camera from a Canon 5D Mark III.

6W9A9808 6W9A9811 6W9A9812

6W9A9813 6W9A9810 6W9A9809

We have a sale on this item as well! For rentals, it is 20% off! We want to highlight how awesome of a lens this thing is. When you checkout, make sure to say “FISH” so we can give you that discount!

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