When I started my photography journey back in 2002, I was brought into studio lighting at UCI with the Profoto 2400 Acute system. It was a solid system. I didn’t know that they were THE system. The cream of the crop, the big dollar bad boy or the one that people had to save up for.

When I finished with college, I ended up buying an Acute system because that is what I knew. It was expensive. I had to save for that system but it wasn’t until 2004 when a good buddy of mine told me about Alien Bee Monoheads. Sure he was using high end Profotos as well but he thought he could get way more lights for the same money and convinced me to do the same. I ended up selling my Acute system and buying 6 B800’s at the time.┬áSure, 6 monoheads are┬ámore than what the average person needs but at the time, I was experimenting a lot. So it was good for me.

I have been personally using the Buff system since then. All the way back in 2004 and currently still using them. I guess if all I wanted to do was impress people with my gear line up, I could buy them but for most of what I needed, Buff had me covered. The biggest drawback for the Alien Bee system is the color temp consistency but his advanced Einsteins took care of most of those issues. He also came out with his own Zeus power pack system which I haven’t used as of yet.

I rent Paul C Buff equipment at my shop because it is tried and true. It works, works well and it is cost efficient. Hasn’t let me down much in the 10 years plus I have been using them. Paul changed the game for a lot of us photographers. He offered us high quality strobes at a great entry level price. The man was a legend and we have all lost so much with his recent passing on Tuesday. However when I think about how this man on the other side of the country changed my life, I am ever so thankful for all of his accomplishments and his eagerness to help those just starting off.

Thank you Paul C Buff. May you rest in peace. Your life has changed mine forever.

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A collection of Alien Bees, vagabond systems

A collection of Alien Bees, vagabond systems

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