A big topic in the photography community is copyright. Usually, as a photographer, your image will be used without your permission or knowledge, even when taking an image is as easy as right-clicking. No one really second guesses when they go on Google and download a picture to use for their Instagram, website, or blog posts. Then you have the grey area of fair use laws, creative commons, attribution, etc. It make sour heads spins! But as a photographer, it’s also frustrating someone is using the image you created with all that hard work without permission. So what should you do?

In the following video¬†from RGG EDU, copyright expert Joe Naylor from ImageRights, photographers Rob Grimm and Peter Coulson, and RGG EDU director Gary Martin, talk about copyright. They cover protecting your work, registering your copyright, the steps to take when you find your image infringed upon, and more. In this weird area, it’s very important to stock up on knowledge.

The first 7.5 minutes of the video talks about ImageRights and throughout the video, there are some valuable advice. They talk abut “what if” scenarios and the outcomes of those. One thing that a lot of photographers don’t do enough is being very specific about how your client can use the image, whether it’s how or where. They also talk about another highly-debated topic: watermarking your photos. If you have the time, it’s well worth it. Check it out below.

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