A lot of people know me for published work in Honda Tuning Magazine and other car-related photos I take for local shops and businesses. What a lot of people don’t know is that my roots are actually in portraits and weddings. It’s because of engagement sessions and weddings that I’m able to use that same gear for the car-related photos that most know me by.

I’ve been shooting weddings professional for over 5 years and have well over 100 weddings under my belt as a primary and a second photographer. My main weapon has been the Canon 5d Mark 2 and it’s been a work horse for thousands of actuations and shoots. Even when I first got the 5D2, it was easy to notice some of the downfalls of the professional camera body. Two of the biggest problems I had using that camera body in the wedding industry was it’s lack of cross-type focusing points and the poor ability to focus in low-light conditions, like during wedding receptions.

With the expertise of Andrew and Pro from IE Photo Rentals in Downtown Pomona, they suggested that I try the new Canon 5d Mark 3 for the weekend since I had a wedding and an engagement shoot booked. I was very excited to try it out and was very impressed with it. Check out some of the photos from the engagement shoot I did in Palos Verdes, CA.

After spending a few minutes to set the custom menu to resemble the menu in my camera, the Canon 5D Mark III felt like the 5D Mark II that I wish I had. The extra cross-type focusing points added a lot of confidence in focusing points other than the center that I was used to using. I thought the preview screen of the 5D2 was good, but the preview screen on the Mark 3 blew the Mark 2 out of the water. It made every photo look awesome and the clients love to see photos during shoots so they can make their own adjustments after seeing how the photos look. When your clients know what you’re doing and can see the type of photos you’re producing, they get more comfortable in front of the camera and things start getting even better.




I love shoot into the sun, especially during magic hour when the lighting is soft and romantic, and the 5Diii really enables me to do so without any hesitation. That focusing system was so impressive.



After using the upgraded model to my current camera, I definitely see myself ditching the old for the new. Even after just one engagement session, I knew that the 5D3 was everything that 5D2 should have been. Such a responsive camera with accurate focusing and I didn’t even get to try it out in low-light situations yet.

Thanks to the experts at IE Photo Rentals for suggesting this camera body, I’m excited about making the plunge into the 5D3 and retiring my aged 5D2.

For more info on rentals and equipment, just contact Andrew or Pro and they will give you their expert advice for your next shoot. Contact IE Photo Rentals

I’ll have my review of the Canon 5D3 after a full wedding shoot very soon, so be sure to check back soon!

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