As photographers and videographers, we all gripe with the notion of having to write blog posts. Can’t pictures tell the story?! If a photo speaks 1000 words and a video is 1.8 million, you could practically show enough content to add up to a a series of novels!

Not only is it the blog posts, it’s also the testimonials. How are you able to ask without sounding intrusive?

Here’s the solution: have your clients write both.

At IE Photo Rentals, we always get this question and it isn’t as hard as it seems! Instead of doing all of the leg work, hand the baton over to your clients. You are already shooting their gig and making them look good, so they might as well return the favor.

The whole idea of getting  your clients to do both is very easy. Everyone loves praise and so do you! It feels great, right? Well, it’s the same way for your clients. They just want to share their story and experience. That applies to just married couples, families, parents, company owners, etc.

What you can do is send over a little questionnaire for your clients. This example is for a typical wedding:

  • How did the day start?
  • How did you feel during X, Y, and Z moments? (ie. first kiss, ceremony, first dance, etc)
  • What did you like best when working with me (as the photographer/videographer)?
  • Did you have any hesitations at first? Did I overcome the doubts?
  • What were your first reactions to the photos?
  • What is one suggestion you have for other brides?

These questions can be changed for every kind of shoot.

After, all you have to do is take their answers and paste it into a blog post and a testimonial. Of course you have to write the intro, but this takes the bulk of the work (and thinking) out of your day.

This definitely will save you some time and helps you market smarter.

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